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Marine Heading Sensor CP-90

Marine Heading Sensor CP-90

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Compass converter, mounted on the surface of the magnetic compass, converts the signal of magnetic compass into a digital signal to be display and output;

  • Compass Accuracy: 1° ;
  • Digital tube display heading data;
  • Adjust the frequency, baud rate, magnetic declination and other settings of NMEA0183 statement output by button;
  • Interface: NMEA0183 RS422,NMEA2000;
  • Supply voltage:9 VDC to 32 VDC.



DC24V(10-35 V)

Data Interface


Baud Rate

4800(default),9600, 19200,38400, 57600,115200

Data Format


Data Output Frequency

1Hz(default),5Hz, 10Hz,20Hz

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