OVA Technology Founded in 2000,With over 20 years of experience.
OVA Technology develops and manufactures transducers.

2001, registration of OVA trademark, development and promotion of low power transducers for fish finders;
2003, developed high power transducer
2014, launch of high power series transducer
2017,launch of compass sensor
2022, launch of the Doppler speed log transducer
Today, OVA Technology develops and manufactures a wide range of transducer applications including underwater and fish finder transducers, GPS and Heading sensors, and other marine navigation sensors.
We have over 20 years of experience in making transducers, particularly underwater transducers, giving us the ability to offer a wide range of transducer products to meet our customers' requirements.

Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to research and development of ultrasonic technology that has set the standard worldwide, breaking the monopoly of foreign products that have dominated the domestic market for a long time. We hope to open up new markets for ultrasound based on the fundamental progress we have made over the years.

Mission & Principle

Our mission is to provide an outstanding customer experience while providing excellent value to our customers.

We always follow the principle of “customer first” and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Tell us where to do well and where to improve by contacting us.